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Sep 2014

I don’t care what anyone says. Ashley is a great character and I want her to come back! #AshleyNeedsLove

Sep 2014

I’d like to see the Outbreak 8 make a return, I think at the very least characters like Yoko could be mentioned, maybe even Alyssa, Yoko testified against Umbrella and Alyssa wrote against them after the Outbreak. Though it would be pretty great to see Cindy again tbh.

Sep 2014

My crackships are Leon x Jacket and Leon x His Hair. :p

Sep 2014

I feel like everyone only talks about Jill in Revelations. You know, there where other characters, too. Like Redhead? One pant leg? The parter? The mutt? those were great characters too! Revelations wasn’t all Jill!

Sep 2014

I ship Shake but, I also ship Jake x Me.

Sep 2014
The people that run this blog, are they the same people that run the other resident evil confession blog?

No.We have no connection to any other RE confession blog.

Sep 2014

Okay… doesn’t anyone notice how how Chris Redfield has gotten??

Sep 2014

Does anyone else cry when your talking to another fan only to find out they only watched the movies?

Sep 2014

I honestly love Ada but I hate how she is only ever involved in a game because of Leon. I rather see her kick butt without her being involved in Leon’s matters.

Sep 2014

My confession is that I’m seriously in love with Jack Krauser. I just can’t help it. He’s perfect in every way.